Wherever the destination of your yacht in Tunisia, we can arrange confirmed marina booking for comfortable visit and stay in Tunisia
Will be glad also to offer luxury services for yachts that sail to & from all Tunisian Marina. The areas we cover is focused in Bizerta, Sidi BouSaid, Gammart, Hammamet, Sousse & Tabarka,Djerba marinas, as well as to all marinas and anchorage areas and Tunisian port in case needed.

We are able to satisfy any demanding requests, in order to make sure that your stay is as comfortable & enjoyable as it can be.

Thanks to their large coast, Tunisia invest in Marina infrastructure to provide various choice to our guests. We can give you price idea and destination advise depend on the aim of visit and need.

  • Port & Marina formalities
  • Coast Guard & Immigration & Custom Clearance
  • Gest & Crew transfer from/to the yacht in luxury Limousines, mini buses, taxis for comfortable transfers
  • Excursion for guests & crew in luxury Limousines, mini buses, taxis for comfortable transfers
  • Stores & Provisions
  • Carpet – Upholstery Cleaning & Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Cell Phones, communication & Courier Services
  • Banking & Office Services
  • Delivery of solid and liquid waste
  • Security

Please feel free contact to yachting@allshipsservices.com for detailed info about local procedures & regulation