We deliver service and supplies to rig, vessels, yards and port operations around the clock.
We cover all types of vessel segments and rigs — drilling and accommodation.

Floating rigs, jack-ups, drilling vessel type rigs, fixed installations
Offshore service, supply & support vessels;
Merchants vessels, dry cargo, bulk, container-lines, subsea, deep-sea tankers, FPSO
Navy, cruise, fishing vessels, ferries and passenger vessels
New builds, retrofits, and MMO projects
Terminals, Ports and Harbors, Safety products and operating projects

We offer a range of services including but not limited to the supply of fresh, frozen and dry products also duty-free cigarettes, spirits, juices, soft drinks, assortment of chocolates, biscuits, nuts, chips, confectionery, perfumes, souvenirs, etc.. All available at competitive prices and others required by our customer from vessels and caterers.

Our awareness of all standards that strict hygiene and good selection rules at all levels throughout the supply chains to be implemented at every step.

Our prices are affordable without compromising of quality of the products and we would like you to explore our services