What are the basics?

Non-EU vessels which are intended for re-export may be temporarily be brought into and used for private purposes in the EU, or more strictly in the ‘customs territory of the Union, (which includes our territorial waters) without customs duties or Value Added Tax (VAT) needing to be paid.
The boats concerned have to be placed under the ‘temporary admission procedure’ (TA) with Customs and the period of use in the EU is limited in time. When the time is up the boat has to leave, which in official jargon means that ‘the procedure must be discharged’. The re-export of the goods from the customs territory of the Union is the usual way of ending or ‘discharging’ a temporary admission procedure. If the boat does not leave before the end of that time then customs duty and
VAT become due.

A boat is temporarily admitted into the EU and not into one of the constituent Member States. Thus it can move from one Member State to another with no further customs formalities during the 18- month period allowed.
How can a yacht be placed under TA?
Just crossing the frontier of the customs territory of the Union is in generally sufficient. But, you may be required to use a route specified by customs and they may require you to make an oral or written customs declaration. (for more info, please visit the following link: https://taxation-customs.ec.europa.eu/system/files/2018-04/rules_for_private_boats-faq_en.pdf )
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